Fuji at Kendall brings upscale sushi>
to Kendall Square...

The Restaurant

When it comes to dining in the South Shore, Jimmy Liang, Peter Tse, and partners Tony Liang, John Liang, and head chef Ming Cao have laid the foundation for what it really means to provide diverse, quality choices. In 1998, at only 20 years old, founders Jimmy and Peter opened their first Japanese restaurant in the city of Quincy, Fuji 1546. The authentic flair of Asian customs and the delicate flavors of Japanese cuisine were perfected to their finest.

Between then and now 6 more restaurants have been brought to fruition. The latest addition to the group is Fuji at Kendall, opening its doors December, 2011, in one of Cambridge's busiest neighborhoods. Prepare to be blown away with an endless variety of the best sushi and Asian fusion dishes you have ever eaten this side of the Charles!


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